Mr. Kinney

Hello Parents or Guardians

As you may know by now, the teachers at CJ have issued their second progress reports to the students. I am pleased that the students are receiving acceptable grades and credits. Whenever students complete enough credits in a particular class such as World History, they are switched to another class that they need or require to return to the main High School or continue their objective to graduate. 

I am happy to be a part of the Pilot American Indian Education Curriculum Program. Ms. Margo Robbin, Indian Education Coordinator and Ericka Ammon, are at CJ assisting the teachers to carry-out lessons and activities about the Hupa, Karuk and Yurok tribes. Ms. Campbell and I are taking class time every Wednesday moring during my U.S, History class to teach American I ndian History. The students are very receptive to the lessons and they like to participate. Any parent or guardian is welcome to drop-in or inquire about the program. Its someting that was needed and we are looking forward to helping our students to learn more about our heritage and current issues.