1.  Capt. John High School is designed to offer an individualized instructional program for students whose educational and social needs can best be met in a small, self-contained classroom setting.
  2. Continuation education may serve all students who are expected to have academic achievement parallel to that of students in the regular secondary program.
  3. The individually tailored instruction provides the flexibility for students to maximize their capabilities and goals through academics, work experience, and other real life challenges.
  4. Continuation high school programs are built on the belief that there are individual differences in all students, and that every student has the right to an education. Continuation education has been established as an alternative for students who, for one reason or another, have found that the traditional high school does not work for them.
  5. Continuation high schools are not in competition with comprehensive high schools. We have a responsibility to provide new and different ways of reaching out to assist young people.
  6. We believe that students are individuals and that we should help them assess and reach their potential by keeping the following in mind: Students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates of speed.
  7. All staff members are an important part of each student’s experience at Captain John. We believe that all students will succeed and graduate.
  8. Some students successfully transition back to the comprehensive high school, others matriculate to Adult Education, and many will graduate from the alternative program, and move on to college, trade school or enter the work force. But the lives of all students who have been a part of Captain John will have been enhanced.