Focused Curriculum

We have a large focused curriculum that our students utilize in attaining their requirements for high school and preparing for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). We have implemented a student reward system that enables students to maintain and track their attendance and strive to attain their high school diplomas. Our students have a voice in the school organization and help determine the site plan that we follow. There is a positive spirit that our students have that builds the school what it is today. Many of our classes have a variety of media to work with, including digital curriculum, textbooks, internet, video, and audio sources.

Our teachers not only give independent tutoring, but also full-class lectures with assignments. Our staff at Captain John is professional and caring towards all our students. It is an honor to work with colleagues such as this. Not only do they help the students to reach their full potential, but they also work as a team to meet the needs of the site.